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Paul Campo

Should You Let Your Family Go [...]

Avoiding probate is always preferred, and if you can keep your estate from having to go through probate, you should. However, there are instances in California when you can't avoid it. There are several reasons why you wouldn't want your family to have to deal with probate and what may cause them to have to. Disadvantages…

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Paul Campo

Elder Care Mistakes to Avoid When [...]

When you are caring for and assisting an aging parent, there are several legal and living concerns to handle. Unfortunately, many common mistakes lead to faulty decisions and even legal difficulties. Caring for elderly loved ones is a serious responsibility. It is important to balance caring for yourself, caring for your parents, and knowing when to…

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Paul Campo

How Divorce Affects Estate Planning in [...]

Unfortunately, marriages sometimes come to an end. When this occurs and a couple agrees they want to dissolve their marriage, there are a variety of legal elements they’ll need to address. While a divorce may change your relationship and other aspects of your life immediately, documents such as your estate plan may not be fully changed…

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Paul Campo

How Do Trusts Work in California?

Estate planning can feel like a monumental task, but it is a crucial one. Some people aren’t sure where to start or what is needed given their financial and familial situations. If you have a fair number of assets and have specific instructions on how you’d like those assets dispersed after your death, establishing a trust…

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Paul Campo

What Are the Basics of Estate [...]

When a person becomes a legal adult, it is a good idea to begin thinking about an estate plan. Such a plan is vital to ensuring the proper distribution of assets if the individual becomes incapacitated or passes away. The best way to begin the process is to hire a skilled estate planning attorney to help…

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