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At the Estate Preservation Group in Carlsbad, I am committed to helping families plan for the future. A will is a vital component of an overall estate plan and something everyone needs. I will help you learn about what to consider when creating your will so your family and wishes are protected.

What A Will Does

A will can be very useful if incorporated into a trust. These instruments are referred to as pour-over wills. When you establish a pour-over will your estate assets pass directly from the will into a trust.

A will can allow you to:

  • Leave wealth and property to loved ones
  • Name a guardian to care for minor children
  • Name an executor who will be responsible for carrying out the terms of your will

What If I Don’t Create A Will?

If you do not create a will, your wealth and property will be distributed in accordance with California intestacy laws. Under such laws, your estate will go to your closest living relative. It is not likely the state’s plan truly reflects your specific wishes. Establishing a will can ensure that your estate ends up in the hands of the people and organizations of your choosing.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Create A Will?

In California, there are options for “do-it-yourself” wills, but I advise caution before using one of these services. A will, if not properly drafted, may not stand up to judicial scrutiny. Will contests are fairly common, with parties alleging undue influence, fraud and other acts that would render a will invalid. If you want your will to stand the test of time, it is wise to have an experienced estate planning attorney draft it.

If you have questions about establishing a will or other estate planning documents in California, our law firm is here for you.

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