Paul Campo

Strategies for high-net-worth estate planning in [...]

A good estate planning formula covers all your bases. Gaining an understanding a few simple concepts can help you build a strategy for estate planning that provides optimal disbursement of funds and protection for your later years.  If you are an individual with a high net worth, knowing how your decisions can affect estate taxes, help…

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Paul Campo

Are you at risk of needing [...]

You, like many other individuals, may try to live a healthy lifestyle. However, unexpected health issues could affect anyone, and try as you might, you could still face health concerns at some point in your life. This predicament could prove especially difficult to handle if the problems occur later in life, and you end up needing…

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Paul Campo

Reasons To Consider Appointing A Power [...]

It's hard to think about the possibility of losing the ability to make your own decisions. It's heartbreaking to see your family members lose that ability. It's even harder if you literally can't do anything to help them, like canceling their cable bill or paying their electricity bills because you do not have legal authority to…

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Paul Campo

What To Include In Your California [...]

On behalf of Estate Preservation Group posted in wills on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. Just about every adult, no matter their age, should have a will and testament. In the event the unimaginable happens, you want your surviving loved ones to know exactly how you want your assets to be handled. Here is some information about…

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Paul Campo

Three Good Reasons To Establish An [...]

On behalf of Estate Preservation Group posted in wills on Tuesday, August 9, 2016. The importance of proactive estate planning cannot be overstated. Nonetheless, many put it off, choosing to leave critical legal and financial matters to chance (or in the hands of a judge). It's understandable--few of us want to dwell on death, incapacity and…

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Paul Campo

How to Handle Creditors’ Claims As [...]

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without legal complications adding stress to your situation. My name is Amy Fike Peters, and my practice is called Estate Preservation Group. I’m on a mission to help families throughout North San Diego County establish their estate plan so their heirs can avoid probate. I also work with clients…

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