Financial Planning for Long-Term Care Attorney in Carlsbad, California

With the high cost of nursing home care in California, many elders struggle to strike a balance between providing assets for loved ones and saving enough money to pay for long-term care. With skilled legal planning, it is often possible to spare assets from nursing home care that can cost up to $7,000 per month and more.

Planning For Your Future Needs

Nursing home care can wipe out a life's savings in a matter of years, even months. It is not uncommon for a couple to see all of their assets go to a nursing home, leaving little or nothing for the nonresident spouse to live on, and nothing to pass on to their children.

At the Estate Preservation Group, I provide a broad range of legal services to elders, including long-term care planning. I can help you explore options for maintaining assets while qualifying for Medicaid, Medi-Cal and other benefit programs. I can also assist with Medi-Cal planning to help you understand all of your financial options.

Elder law attorney Amy Fike Peters has more than 30 years of experience and can help you understand California laws and how they apply to your situation. She is passionate about protecting the rights, and assets, of clients in Carlsbad and throughout surrounding California communities.

Learn More About Sparing Assets From Nursing Home Care

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